About Us

PrayerCarpets.com is a branch of MuslimClothing.com especially for prayer carpets, prayer rugs and mats. It was established in 2015 with the intention of providing Muslims throughout the world with quality prayer rugs and salat essentials that are often hard to find at reasonable prices. We have size for adults and kids.

We currently offer high quality prayer mats also known as سجادة (Sajadah), جانماز, جاےنماز (Janamaz), د لمانځه پوزی, জায়নামাজ (Jaynamaz), sedžada, serdžada, postećija, জায়নামাজ (Zaaynamaz), Sejadah, بەرماڵ, Жайнамаз (Jainamaz), Joynamo намазканалар (Namazkanalar), Namazlıq, Seccade & namazlık in a wide range of styles, sizes and colors.

Our products come from various countries including Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia and Africa. The majority are made by Muslims.

On behalf of the entire MuslimClothing.com team we would like to thank you for shopping with us. We invite you to share our site with your family and online friends. As-salaamu alaikum & peace be upon you!

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